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Midlands Whistleblowing Case

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We’ve provided you with lots of information and stories about cases in the past few months relating to whistleblowing and qui tam whistleblower cases. But this new suit is homegrown, and as much as $27 million is at stake. Just days ago, in May, 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) brought a suit alleging … Continue reading “Midlands Whistleblowing Case”

Record Whistleblower Awards

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For four years running, False Claims Act (FCA) recoveries have topped $3.5 billion. In fiscal year 2015, $3.58 billion was recovered in total, with $2.91 billion of that amount resulting from cases brought by whistleblowers. It is a new and commendable record. The portion that was recovered due to the admirable efforts of whistleblowers–$2.91 billion—resulted … Continue reading “Record Whistleblower Awards”

Impact of a Recent Supreme Court Whistleblower Ruling

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The outcomes of some potential, future False Claims Act (FCA) cases have likely been changed because of the June, 2016, Supreme Court decision concerning the qui tam case Universal Health Services Co. v. United States ex rel. Escobar. The case background involves a young woman in Massachusetts who died after receiving inadequate and inappropriate care … Continue reading “Impact of a Recent Supreme Court Whistleblower Ruling”


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