Financial Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer Helps Clients Stand Up to Corruption

Mr. Louthian and the Louthian Law Firm provided me with excellent legal services regarding a legal issue with a major corporation.

Errick Bethel Sr.

Mr. Louthian and the Louthian Law Firm provided me with excellent legal services regarding a legal issue with a major corporation.

Errick Bethel Sr.

Our Skilled Attorneys Assist Individuals and Entities Who Call Out Financial Fraud

Our financial fraud whistleblower lawyer knows it is pervasive. Financial fraud costs this country and its people untold sums of money each and every year. Large corporations, small businesses and even dishonest individuals are known to engage in fraud to line their own pockets. They take money from the government and law abiding people through tax evasion, bank fraud, insider trading and a variety of other corrupt financial practices.

Whistleblowers who learn about such fraudulent activity and take action to stop it do our country, our economy and ultimately, our people, a great service. Everyone who has evidence of damaging financial fraud has the right and the power through federal whistleblower laws to bring a whistleblower claim.

How Our Lawyers for Financial Fraud Whistleblowers Can Help You

When you’re doing the right thing by bringing a fraudulent activity to light through a financial fraud whistleblower lawsuit, it can greatly bolster your case to have experienced legal support. Our team of whistleblower lawyers for financial fraud are familiar with the intricacies of whistleblower laws and the filing process. Also, we can help ensure you have enough sufficient evidence to back up your accusation of fraud, which might persuade the U.S. government to step in to handle your case. Having the power of the government behind your financial fraud case can often result in a higher chance of success in the courts and a more satisfactory outcome for you when it comes to financial compensation.

If you have information about corrupt activity and are considering blowing the whistle, we can help. Our skilled financial fraud whistleblower attorney at Louthian Law Firm, P.A. can answer your questions and guide you through the complex whistleblower process. Call us at (803) 454-1200.

Skilled Attorneys Help Financial Fraud Whistleblowers Stand Up for What Is Right

Our experienced attorneys at Louthian Law Firm in Columbia help whistleblowers root out financial corruption related to the following areas:

  • Tax fraud – Tax fraud and evasion negatively affects the country and the law-abiding people who pay what they owe. Just some of the common ways that companies and individuals avoid paying their fair share of taxes includes through kickbacks, unreported income, false deductions and fake exemptions. The government takes this form of financial fraud so seriously that it will reward people who successfully bring tax fraud whistleblower cases with as much as 15 percent to 30 percent of the amount of money collected.
  • Accounting fraud
  • IRS fraud
  • Auditing fraud
  • Banking fraud
  • Securities fraud – Money laundering, insider trading and late trading when it comes to securities are all examples of securities fraud. This type of financial fraud hurts investors and ultimately weakens our entire economy. The Dodd-Frank Act, which was put in place after the 2008 economic crisis, established the Office of the Whistleblower within the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate such violations. The Act and office provide protections to whistleblowers, who can potentially receive 10 to 30 percent of awards in successful lawsuits.
  • Stock fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Mutual funds
  • Commodities fraud
  • Offerings fraud

Rely on Our Experienced and Skilled Financial Fraud Whistleblower Attorney for Protection

When you believe you have solid information about financial fraud and are considering bringing a whistleblower lawsuit, the financial fraud whistleblower attorneys at Louthian Law can help. We’ll review the evidence you gathered to ensure that you have a strong case. We will also make sure that you follow all the proper procedural requirements in what can be a very complex process. Call our financial fraud whistleblower lawyers today for a free and confidential consultation about case at (803) 454-1200.

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