How to Choose a Whistleblower Lawyer

Mr. Louthian and the Louthian Law Firm provided me with excellent legal services regarding a legal issue with a major corporation.

Errick Bethel Sr.

Mr. Louthian and the Louthian Law Firm provided me with excellent legal services regarding a legal issue with a major corporation.

Errick Bethel Sr.
March 24, 2020

How do you choose a whistleblower lawyer? This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself if you’ve uncovered wrongdoing and have decided to do the right thing by coming forward. Whistleblowers are incredibly brave people who risk their jobs and livelihoods to expose fraud, corruption, and greed. But these cases are complicated and time consuming. They often involve large corporations with deep pockets and teams of lawyers. You need smart advice and protection from retaliation. You need someone who will be your advocate every step of the way.

5 Top Criteria for How to Choose a Whistleblower Lawyer

  1. Demonstrated experience in filing and litigating cases on behalf of whistleblowers
  2. Proven track record of winning whistleblower claims
  3. Thorough knowledge of whistleblower law, time limitations, and legal options
  4. Ability and willingness to dedicate the time and resources necessary to build a strong case
  5. Dedication to protecting the client’s best interests.

Demonstrated Experience in Filing and Litigating Cases on Behalf of Whistleblowers

Whistleblower law is complicated, and every case is different. It is important to hire a lawyer with a lot of personal experience in handling a variety of whistleblower claims. An experienced attorney will sit down with you to discuss your situation. They will know whether you have a case to pursue. And they will understand how to protect your rights from beginning to end.

Proven Track Record of Winning Whistleblower Claims

When you consider “How do I choose the best whistleblower attorney?” it is important to find someone with a record of winning whistleblower awards for their clients. Before you hire a lawyer, make sure they provide examples of their whistleblower cases and results.

Thorough Knowledge of Whistleblower Law, Time Limitations, and Legal Options

Your whistleblower lawyer should be able to explain, in terms you can understand, the many federal and state laws that are designed to protect whistleblowers. Despite these regulations being in place, retaliation is not uncommon. Whistleblower laws include:

  • The False Claims Act. This is the country’s first whistleblower law, put into place by President Lincoln in 1862. Its purpose is to fight against government contractor corruption. It allows people or other parties to bring fraud claims on behalf of the government. It also gives whistleblowers the right to file lawsuits if they’ve been targeted for retaliation.
  • The Dodd-Frank Act. This law fights financial fraud and corruption. It protects whistleblowers who report fraud in areas regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • The Stark Law. This law is also known as the Physician Self-Referral Law. It prohibits doctors and healthcare providers from referring Medicare and Medicaid patients for services at health facilities in which the doctor or family has a financial interest.
  • There are many other laws in place to protect whistleblowers in various types of jobs. These include longshoremen, agricultural workers, auto workers, miners, food processing employees, and others.

Whistleblower cases involve a lot of paperwork and time limitations that must be met. In order for your case to be successful, you must have an attorney who understands all of the laws that apply to your situation. They must also stay on top of every detail and deadline.

Ability and Willingness to Dedicate the Time and Resources Necessary to Build a Strong Case

Whistleblower cases are almost never simple. They require deep resources and often take a long time to resolve. It is important for any whistleblower to hire a law firm that has the resources and time to build the strongest possible case. This will include conducting extensive research, hiring experts in the field, deposing witnesses, and more.

Dedication to Protecting the Client’s Best Interests

Your attorney works for you. It is important for you to hire someone who will be 100% dedicated to your case, who will give it all the time and attention it requires for a successful outcome. Your attorney should listen to your questions and concerns. They should give you personalized legal representation and be able to explain every step of the proceedings to you. They should understand how to use the law to ensure that you win the maximum possible whistleblower reward.

How Do I Choose the Best Whistleblower Attorney?

You’ve made the brave decision to expose wrongdoing, and you know that this is something you cannot handle on your own. You know you need an excellent whistleblower attorney on your side. But you may be nervous, confused, and not sure how to find the best person to represent and protect you. When choosing a whistleblower attorney, it is important to find someone who meets the criteria discussed above. You should walk away from your first meeting feeling confident that they understand whistleblower law and will dedicate themselves to fighting for your rights.

Call a Whistleblower Lawyer at the Louthian Law Firm

How to choose a whistleblower lawyer is a critical question for any whistleblower. Our whistleblower attorneys at the Louthian Law Firm have the experience and knowledge to successfully handle whistleblower claims of all types. We have over thirty years of experience winning for our clients. We know all of the laws that govern these cases and are fearless advocates for the little guy.

Maybe you are a healthcare worker who has discovered medical fraud. Maybe you believe someone in your company is committing financial fraud. Or maybe you are aware of a contractor who is fleecing the government. When employees of a moving company approached the Louthian Law Firm with evidence that their employer was overcharging the government for relocating service members, we reached a settlement of $5 million dollars.

No matter the details of your case, our lawyers will be your partners in fighting for justice. We are not afraid to stand up to big corporations and their high-priced lawyers. We view whistleblowers as heroes and take pride in representing them.

If you have decided to become a whistleblower, or are just considering your options, call Bert Louthian and his associates at the Louthian Law Firm at (803) 454-1200 for a free and confidential consultation. While our office is located in Columbia, South Carolina, we represent whistleblowers from across the United States.

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