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Defective Fighter Jet Engines Place U.S. Pilots in Jeopardy

Those in the military whose careers involve protecting us deserve the very best tools and supplies we can give them so they can perform their jobs safely. We previously…

Three New Settlements in Health Care Fraud

Sometimes it can feel as if fighting health care fraud is like bailing out a leaky boat with a thimble. But take heart: In August, 2018, three False Claims…

Possible Rule Changes Impact SEC Whistleblowers

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed some new rule amendments that impact whistleblowers. The changes were announced in late June, 2018, and the public is invited to…

Record Whistleblower Award by the CFTC

The Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) gave out the largest whistleblower award in its history on July 12, 2018: $30 million under the Dodd-Frank whistleblower program. The program, begun…

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